Safety First!

When It comes to safety we leave nothing to chance! We believe in providing your kids with the safest inflatables on the market!
1. Our inflatables are built in America using 18.5 oz commercial grade "lead-free," vinyl that conforms and is in accordance with US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Ace (CPSIA) 2008 and is a Flame Retardant Material.

2. At least four base anchor straps plus stabilizing tethers on the taller

inflatables to provide added integrity! We believe in our inflatables staying put!

3. Structural design features keep the inflatable inflated up to 60 seconds in the event of a power failure. Plenty of time for riders to exit the inflatable.

4. Double stitching on "all," seams, Quadruple-stitched, double reinforced, top mattress seams with a finish look with no visible exterior seams running up the columns of the main structure.

5. Locking entry door design, which keeps the riders from falling out of the bouncers.

6. Entry ramps for all bouncers allow independent entry and provides added safety incase a rider exits quickly.

7. The most comprehensive ASTM Safety (American Society for Testing and Materials) rules in the industry are sewn on the front of all units.

8. Permanent waterproof roof structures on all the bouncers to keep the hot sun, leaves and water out!

9. Weather... can arrive in the form of strong wind, rain or lightening. In each case evacuate the inflatable as quickly as possible! Turn off the blower/water and allow the unit to deflate before the storm arrives!
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